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What’s it like being a law student—and an international law student studying in the United States in particular? Just ask Enerjeta Bashaj, a young woman from Albania pursuing her LL.M. in American Law at New England Law | Boston. This is her story.

I was born in Tropoja, in the far north of Albania.

When I was two years old, my family moved to Tirana, the capital city of Albania, where I grew up and got my education. I studied at University of Tirana, Faculty of Law, where I got my bachelor’s degree in Law and my Master of Science degree in Civil Law.

I have wanted to be a lawyer for as long as I can remember. I think that has to do with one of my biggest idols—my father—being in the law field working as a prosecutor for almost twenty years now. Even so my desire to become a lawyer was primarily fed by my desire to help others, my passion for rules and order, and my love of looking at every perspective.

From October 2015 to July 2016, I was in the training program in the National School of Advocacy in Tirana near the National Chamber of Advocacy of Albania. I took the exam to be licensed as a lawyer in Albania in October 2016 and got my license to practice law in my home country.           

When I was doing my master’s, I worked as an assistant for a lawyer in Tirana and worked on legal research, case filings, lawsuits, and other legal documents. Starting in October 2015, while I was doing my training to become a lawyer, I worked for a year as a legal advisor to a shoe company for all their contracts and legal proceedings.

I only practiced law in Albania as an independent licensed lawyer for about three or four months, when I decided to follow my dream of studying in the United States.

I decided to apply for an LL.M. in American Law for two reasons: First, I thought of it as the best way to get general knowledge on the world-renowned democratic American legal system. Second, it was suggested to me by the Board of Bar Examiners in Massachusetts, if I should want to take the Massachusetts Bar Exam.

After being admitted to every school I applied to and getting scholarships from almost all of them, I decided to go to New England Law | Boston for many reasons. I’m very glad I did so, because it has been the best decision I ever made.

After New England Law, I’m ready for whatever fate brings my way. As much as I would love to bring all the knowledge that I’m gaining back to my country, I plan to first take the Massachusetts State Bar Exam. If I should happen to start a career as a lawyer here, it would truly be a dream come true, especially with the profound love that I now have for the great city of Boston.

My spare time is limited because I always like to keep myself very busy—and law school throughout these years has made sure of that! But when I have time, I engage in student organizations or with volunteer groups helping the community. I was part of AIESEC Albania for a year and a half, during which time I went on a one-month internship in Bulgaria to give English and Italian classes for the High School of Blagoevgrad and also some Italian classes for the students of American University in Bulgaria. I also love giving myself the chance catch a law- or crime-related movie or TV show!

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