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Anissa Davidson

BA, University of North Texas




El Paso, Texas

Prior Work Experience

Research Assistant; Real Estate

Work Experience

Judicial Internship, Boston Municipal Court, Roxbury Division; New England Law Public Interest Law Clinic

Anissa Davidson

Class of 2019

One of the best experiences I’ve had at law school.

My best experience at New England Law | Boston has been the Public Interest Law Clinic. I was able to have client meetings, represent clients in court, and negotiate a separation agreement. The motions and pleadings I wrote were actually used to help individuals. Knowing that was a powerful motivator. Being able to help real people helped me learn so much about myself and the kind of attorney I want to be.

On the Faculty

All the teachers have been great. They’re always happy to meet with students, whether it’s about their class or current events. What I have found the most helpful is that some of the professors will send me information about networking events or job openings. I love that they make an effort to help you in and out of the classroom.

On Clinical Studies

Take a clinic! I have been able to explore different areas of law I did not think I would be interested in and develop practical lawyering skills. This has given me more legal experience than most 2Ls are able to get.