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Abbey Pampin

BA, The University of Texas at Austin


English; Rhetoric & Writing


Burnet, Texas

Prior Work Experience

Math, Reading, and Writing tutor (kindergarten to high school students); Certified Pharmacy Technician

Work Experience

Law Clerk, Shapiro Haber & Urmy LLP

Extracurricular Activities

Women’s Law Caucus, 1L Representative; New England Law Office of Admissions, Student Ambassador

Abbey Pampin

Class of 2019

Favorite class I’ve taken.

Products Liability. It’s kind of like Torts 2.0. The cases have interesting fact patterns, and I feel like it’s an area of law that really tries to help people who have been injured. facul

On the Faculty

Dedicated. The professors here have always been approachable and gone above and beyond to assist students in office hours. Of course, they’re willing to answer questions about class material, but they’re also happy to talk about life outside the four walls of the law school. Also, they all have incredibly impressive backgrounds and experiences; each one brings a unique perspective to the classroom. 

On Education

It’s very applicable to the practice of law in the real world. Many times, I’ve learned things in the classroom that I’ve used in my job at the law firm the same week! 

One Piece of Advice for Someone Trying to Decide Where to Go to Law School

I’m going to completely contradict everything everyone else tells you…but you can have a job and be successful in law school (even during 1L year!). Time management is key. Find a rhythm that works for you, and be okay with cutting back on hours if you need to. If you’re like me and holding a job is important to your identity, you can make it work.