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New England Law | Boston is “on the cutting edge in terms of meeting the needs of students who are parents,” according to Student Lawyer magazine. Parents and other primary caregivers who need extra flexibility in their law school education can find it in our Part-Time JD Program for Parents and Caregivers (formerly the Special Part-Time Program).
Part-time law student and full-time parent graduating with a JD law degree from New England Law | Boston.

This one-of-a-kind law school program allows students with family-care responsibilities to arrange their legal studies around their unique schedules. No other law degree program is quite like it—specifically designed for parents or other primary caregivers who would not be able to attend law school otherwise.

About the Program for Parents and Caregivers

If admitted to the Part-Time JD Program for Parents and Caregivers, you will work one-on-one with a faculty advisor to personalize your schedule, combining day and evening courses in a way that is tailored to your needs and allows you to go to law school part-time and earn a degree in law.

You can attend law school on an extended schedule as well, taking up to six years to earn your JD. You will have the same degree requirements as our traditional full-time students, so you receive the same innovative and practice-focused education.

Hands-on learning is central to the New England Law experience, and you’ll work with our Career Services Office and law school clinic staff to find internships, externships, and other practical experiences that fit your schedule.

Finally, you’ll find a distinctively supportive environment at New England Law, one defined by personal attention, inclusivity, opportunity, and camaraderie.

Meet a student in the Program for Parents and Caregivers.

How to Apply

In addition to completing the standard application form, applicants must provide a statement explaining their need for entering the Program for Parents and Caregivers. Because of this program’s selectivity, interested students are encouraged to submit their applications early.

Students in good standing at other accredited law schools may be considered for transfer into the Part-Time JD Program for Parents and Caregivers as well.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

Students in the Program for Parents and Caregivers who carry the same credit load as Day Part-Time and Evening Part-Time students pay the same tuition and fees as those students. Students in the Program for Parents and Caregivers who carry fewer than eight credits pay a proportionately reduced tuition, in addition to basic fees.

Students in this program are also eligible for financial aid and some scholarship opportunities as well.

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Resources for Law Students Who Are Parents

If you’re considering law school as a parent or primary caregiver, you might find some of the resources below helpful. They are available to New England Law students, offered both through the school and in the surrounding community.

New England Law Resources

Local Resources

Additional JD Programs

If our Part-Time JD Program for Parents and Caregivers is not the right fit for you, New England Law also offers other part-time law school programs, in addition to our full-time JD program.

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