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To the present and future members of the New England Law | Boston family–


As the law school’s newly appointed President and Dean, I was drawn to New England Law | Boston in no small part due to its rich, unique, and diverse culture and history. New England Law students follow in the footsteps of groundbreaking individuals, going on to become judges, high ranking government officials, dedicated public servants, elected officials, philanthropists, activists, and superior lawyers working in every legal specialty imaginable.

For more than 100 years, New England Law has been a gateway for students in search of rewarding and meaningful careers in law. The school was originally founded as Portia Law School, an institution exclusively for women who mostly came from working-class immigrant families. Today, New England Law offers its diverse co-ed student body flexible, convenient programs that combine rigorous academics and a dynamic community.

During the 2020 academic year, for the first time many students were taking classes online, as well as participating in clinical work virtually. As an independent law school, New England Law was able to quickly pivot to ensure that students continued to receive hands-on experience despite the many challenges faced.

This is both a challenging and exciting time for legal education at our school, with many new opportunities on the horizon – from examining how future lawyers can take advantage of technology to better serve clients – to looking at deep inequities within the legal system and exploring how to create a more just society. In addition, we have the opportunity to position our clinical programs and new course selections to be some of the most interesting and relevant in the country. Today, our law students will be well-positioned to make advancements in the legal world, enact meaningful change in society overall, and bring their talents to the next level. 

In my first-year as President and Dean, I will be working with faculty, staff, and our partners in the corporate and legal communities to ensure that we continue to thrive in the current challenging climate.

My vision for New England Law includes:

  • Build on our existing programs to support both diverse and first-generation law students and expand on our commitment to foster an inclusive learning environment, to include the hiring of a diverse and qualified staff and faculty.

  • Expand both public and private partnerships to open doors for new hands-on experiences through clinics and our unique Summer Fellowship Program.

  • Look to engage, or in many instances re-engage, our alumni to assist with fundraising and hiring support for our graduating students.

  • Raise the national and international profile of the school and help our students secure different and exciting jobs worldwide.

  • Launch new fundraising programs and enhance existing programs to support new initiatives.

  • Ensure that we work together to support an exciting, respectful, rich, and culturally-aware educational environment.

One of the reasons I chose to accept this position is due to the overwhelming dedication that past, present, and future staff, faculty, and students have for the law school, each other and the collective desire for each and every person to succeed in any field of the law that they chose to tackle. 


Scott P. Brown
President and Dean